Color #b3f6cc name: very soft bluish green

Hex #b3f6cc or rgb(179,246,204) in RGB space is the tint of bluish green. It has hue angle of 142.39 degrees, value = 96 and saturation = 27. #b3f6cc can be obtained by mixing 3 colors: 2 drops of yellow, 3 drops of cyan, 5 drops of white. Nearest safe hex - #ccffcc. Below you can see the block with #b3f6cc color and its structure: in procentage ratio and in drops of pigments. Click "TRY" button to move #b3f6cc to the mixer and play with it.
#b3f6cc TRY

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Mixing #b3f6cc step by step

The funnel shows the process of mixing multiple colors step by step. Here you can see the mix of 20% of yellow, 30% of cyan, 50% of white colors.

Color #b3f6cc conversation table

HEX #b3f6cc
HSV 142°, 27, 96
HSL 142°, 79, 83
XYZ 62.445, 79.855, 69.249
CIE Lab 91.62, -29.211, 13.557
RGB decimal 179, 246, 204
RGB percent 70.2%, 96.5%, 80%
CMYK 27, 0, 17, 4
Websafe hex #ccffcc
Color description very soft bluish green

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Mix of color #b3f6cc with water

Below you can see the model of the mix of #b3f6cc with pure water. The more water added to the mixture, the mixture will be less saturated.
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+100 ml
+200 ml
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+500 ml
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+700 ml
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